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Val Vista Community Park

Val Vista Community Park

7350 Johnson Dr.
Pleasanton, California 94588

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Val Vista Community Park is a park that has it all! There are two separate play areas with three play structures, two separate water play areas, a nature walk, huge climbing wall, soccer fields, a roller hockey rink, a skateboard park, several parking lots, and a big picnic area.

As you drive into the park from Stoneridge Dr. the first part you see is the roller hockey rink and skateboard park. Then there are quite a few soccer fields. Between the soccer fields is a snack bar, bathrooms, one play area and one of the water features. At the end of the parking lots is the big play area with the two play structures, the picnic area, climbing wall, and wonderful water feature.

The play area between the soccer fields has one play structure with four slides, two big kid and two tot swings. It also has a smaller push operated water feature on a timer.

The play area at the end of the parking lots has a huge play structure for ages 5-12. I counted 11 different ways to climb up the main structure in addition to two sets of stairs! This structure has six slides (one of which is really tall), a high bridge, and three neat wheels to hang and spin from.

The play structure for ages 2-5 is next to the covered picnic area and the water feature. It has two tot swings and one slide. It is just up from the bathroom.

There is also a big climbing wall with its own area nearby. Behind the play structure and water feature area is a quiet nature path with benches and a stream.

Val Vista has two cons definitely worth mentioning. One is that this park is right next to the water treatment plant and when the wind blows it can get stinky! Mind you it is not stinky through out the whole park, just in certain areas. I think walking between the two play areas is when you notice it most. The other con is that the park is right next to the 680 freeway and so it is very loud. The cars and trucks provide a constant drone in the background.

I think the city of Pleasanton had an undesirable, odd-shaped lot of land right next to the water treatment plant and they did the best they could with it. Actually, they did better than that- they created a wonderful park with so many amenities!

Park Features

  • Bathrooms - Yes
  • Climbing Wall - Yes
  • Parking Lot - Yes
  • Rec Center - No
  • Sand - No
  • Skateboard Area - Yes
  • Slides - 11
  • Swings (Big kid) - 2
  • Swings (Tot) - 4
  • Tire Swing - No
  • Water Play - Yes
  • Zip Line - No
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