Osage Station Park

816 Brookside Dr.
Danville, California 94526

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Osage Station Park has been a favorite of my son's for a while. It is not as new or a nice as some of Danville's other parks, but sometimes an oldie is a goody.

One very nice thing about Osage is that there is a lot of shade, especially over the play area. Osage also has a water feature with fountains, a rose garden, a sand pit with a dinosaur skeleton, great paths for walking and riding bikes on, four tennis courts, four ball fields, and a soccer field. The park shares land with Charlotte Wood Middle School.

My son loves the play area because of the realistic train with a caboose on the younger kid side of the play area. Now both kids spend hours pretending to drive the train or, in my younger daughter's case, being the passenger. The younger kid play area has the structure designed around the train theme. The structure resembles an old west town with a ticket booth, a slide, bridges, a tunnel, some climbing steps, and a monkey bar arch.

The older kids play area is equally cool since it carries on the old west theme. It has a spiral staircase, areas for playing above and below the structure, three fast slides, a bridge, and access to a rock climbing/sitting area.

The ground covering at Osage is sand, so if the sand pit is not enough, there is lots more. I think it also keeps the park a little cooler in addition to all of the shade.

Osage Station's water feature is very cool. It is made of concrete and consists of several levels, each flowing into the next. At the top are fountains that the kids loved to step on or sit on. Always a treat to see a kid cover it with their hands only to be surprised when it spurted back up in their face as they uncovered it. The water feature ends with a pond-like area that is shallow enough for kids to wade in. However, due to water concerns the city of Danville has turned off all of their water features indefinitely. Hopefully, it will be turned back on in the future.

Park Features

  • Bathrooms - Yes
  • Climbing Wall - No
  • Parking Lot - Yes
  • Rec Center - No
  • Sand - Yes
  • Skateboard Area - No
  • Slides - 5
  • Swings (Big kid) - 0
  • Swings (Tot) - 0
  • Tire Swing - No
  • Water Play - Yes
  • Zip Line - No
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