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Finding great neighborhood parks is one of those things that helps keep parents sane.

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Where else can you go to let the kids burn off some energy where you don't feel you have to supervise them 100% of the time? Where else can they have access to such a wide range of activities for free?

Packed with slides, swings and sand pits, a great neighborhood park:

  • Gets your kids outside and active
  • Lets them play and interact with other kids their age
  • Is a safe, clean environment

If you're out running errands or visiting family and the kids are getting antsy, you're probably thinking, "What are the parks near me?" This is where Great-Kids-Parks can help!

You may already have your go-to park nearby where you often take your kids when they need some "outdoor" time. But what if there's another great park nearby with even more features for your kids to enjoy? Again, this is where Great-Kids-Parks can help!

Not all parks are alike!

Let's say that your favorite park has a play structure and that your kids have pretty much explored every last inch of it.

Your kids might be happy with that, but what if they also had access to:

  • A sand pit (an absolute necessity in my son's humble opinion)
  • A climbing wall
  • Water features (fountains and jets)
  • Separate areas for big kids and toddlers
  • A teeter totter
  • A zip line
  • A tire swing

The possibilities are (almost) endless and when you find a great match between your kids and a park, the entertainment can last for hours!

Every child is unique

What makes a great kids park depends a lot on how your children play.

Some kids are diggers, some are climbers, some are swingers, and virtually all are drawn to water.

Parents with two kids that are several years apart are looking to find a place where one can be safe while the other has more room to explore.

But how do you go about finding public parks that are a good match for you and your kids without personally visiting each and every one of them?

Your guide to neighborhood parks

Great-Kids-Parks provides you with all of the following information to help you find the best park for you and your kids:

  • Detailed descriptions of each neighborhood park
  • Listings of all of the park features
  • Age guidelines (are your kids too young? too old?)
  • Maps showing the location of the park
  • Plenty of photos so you can SEE what the park looks like
  • When possible, the park is compared to others in the area

How you can help

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While I'd love to visit every single neighborhood park in the United States, there is only so much car time my kids will tolerate!

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