Heather Farm Park

301 N. San Carlos Drive
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

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Heather Farm is an enormous park at 102 acres. It has so many amenities! Besides the play areas, our favorite places there are the pond and the gardens.

The park has numerous ball and sports fields, a community center, a skate park, Clarke Swim Center which is home to many synchronized swimming Olympians, a lake that serves as a wildlife refuge in addition to the fishing pond, the gardens, an outdoor education facility, big play areas, a basketball court, a dog park, ten tennis courts with a tennis center, an equestrian center, sand volleyball court, several picnic areas, and a connection to the Iron Horse Trail. I run out of breath just naming them all!

There are several parking lots, but on a weekend with events at the swim center and sports fields, parking will become limited. The community center is also host to many wedding receptions and banquets.

Heather Farm's play areas are wonderful. The tot area has a train play structure, two house play structures, sand covering, and four tot swings. The train, one house, and the swings are wheelchair accessible. There is shade with bench seating, but it doesn't cover the entire tot area.

The older kid play area has tanbark covering, a huge climbing wall, three play structures, a zip line, seven swings, and features parts that are wheelchair accessible. There is very little shade over this play area, but there is an section between the play areas with picnic benches and trees.

A good sized pond is just a short walk from the play areas and features two fountains and lots of geese. Along with geese comes geese poop, so you are forewarned. The community center is at one end of the pond.

The gardens at Heather Farm are extensive and beautiful in the spring. They sit on six acres and feature almost 20 different types of gardens ranging from a children's garden to a water conservation garden to a butterfly garden. The tree groves are also wonderful to tromp around in during the fall. The gardens are maintained entirely by volunteers who are more than happy to answer your questions.

There is so much to do here, it is hard to believe most of it is free. If we lived closer, I guarantee you we would spend a lot more time here.

Park Features

  • Bathrooms - Yes
  • Climbing Wall - Yes
  • Parking Lot - Yes
  • Rec Center - No
  • Sand - Yes
  • Skateboard Area - Yes
  • Slides - 6
  • Swings (Big kid) - 7
  • Swings (Tot) - 4
  • Tire Swing - No
  • Water Play - No
  • Zip Line - Yes
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