Central Park

12501 Alcosta Blvd.
San Ramon, California 94583

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Central Park is a huge park that sits on 35 acres with so many amenities. There is an amazing new play structure; a beautiful new water feature; a skate park; wonderful, flat paths for walking or riding bikes; four lighted basketball courts; four or five lighted baseball fields; snack bar; lighted tennis courts; a volleyball court; lighted soccer fields; a grass amphitheater; the city center building; several rose gardens and fountains; and two parking lots.

In April of 2010 the refurbishment of the play area was completed. There is a beautiful, big new play structure. It's really something. The play structure is made for kids ages 5-12. There isn't a lot that younger kids can do safely without good adult supervision. The play structure is on rubberized turf and tanbark. There still is a sand pit.

There are tons of climbing opportunities on the new structure. Part of it is almost like a challenge for kids to see how far they can make it across without stepping on the ground. It also has a very high bridge which spans almost the entire structure.

The swings are up on grass, away from the play structure area. There are 3 big kid swings and 1 handicapped swing. In addition there is a teeter-totter and a spider like climbing web.

I have been to Central Park many times, but never in the summer. I can see how it can get very hot here and there is no shade directly over the play area. There are lots of mature shade trees around the play area and those are great to picnic under, but beware that the structure surfaces can get very hot.

The water feature starts with a mushroom shower into a shallow pool which becomes a cement river that leads to a paved rock river with a bridge. I have always found it to be very clean.

The skate park is located in the opposite corner of the park from the play area. There is another parking lot and the lighted basketball courts beside the skate park.

Central Park is also right next to the Iron Horse Regional Trail. We've used the park as a beginning and ending point for family bike rides on the trail.

We really like going to Central Park in the spring for the lack of crowds and the fall for the different colors of the leaves. One of my kids' favorite activities in the fall is to run through the fallen leaves in the avenue near the tennis courts. It makes for great photos.

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Park Features

  • Bathrooms - Yes
  • Climbing Wall - No
  • Fenced Play Area- No
  • Parking Lot - Yes
  • Rec Center - No
  • Sand - Yes
  • Skateboard Area - Yes
  • Slides -8
  • Swings (Big kid) - 2
  • Swings (Tot) - 2
  • Tire Swing - No
  • Water Play - Yes
  • Zip Line - No
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