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Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground

162 University Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94710

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Adventure Playground is a very unique playground in Berkeley and for that matter the Bay Area. You will be hard-pressed to find another one like it. It is not your traditional playground and that is exactly how the kids like it. For that matter, kids love it!

Berkeley's Adventure Playground is 30 years old this year. It is based on the European concept of adventure playgrounds that originated after World War II. A playground designer observed that children preferred to play in the dirt and create their own structures with wood scraps and leftovers from the war. These types of playgrounds create opportunities which foster cooperation, and most importantly, imagination.

Adventure Playground is designed for children ages 7 and older. Children under that age are welcome, but must be within arms reach of an adult. We found that our 4.5 year old son loved the hammering and painting part best. You must be age 6 or older to ride the trolley (zip line). For a fee of $10, children ages 7 and older can be dropped off for up to 3 hours.

Parents are highly encouraged to volunteer in some way. The lowest level of volunteering is actively supervising your own kids and stopping them when they might be doing something dangerous. More involved jobs include being the small wood helper, passing out tools, and shoveling sand. Adventure Playground is always open to donations of building materials.

When we visited in August of 2009, there was a trolley, a rope for swinging around a pole (hard to describe, but it looked like so much fun, I wanted to try it), a climbing net, several structures for climbing into/onto, a tire swing, a boat, a tire net for climbing, and a kid-put-together slide. I say "there was" because many of these can change on a kids or several kids whims. This really is a wonderful playground.

For more information visit the Adventure Playground page on the Berkeley Parks and Rec site.

Park Features

  • Bathrooms - Yes
  • Climbing Wall - No
  • Parking Lot - Yes
  • Rec Center - No
  • Sand - Yes
  • Skateboard Area - No
  • Slides - 1
  • Swings (Big kid) - 0
  • Swings (Tot) - 0
  • Tire Swing - 1
  • Water Play - No
  • Zip Line - Yes
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