Who Started This?

about me

My name is Brenda Roberts and I love the outdoors. Good - got the AA meeting introduction out of the way.

Seriously, I love the outdoors. I was fortunate enough growing up to have been given lots of freedom to explore and enjoy the outdoors. The story of my mom not wanting us to come home in the summer one minute before sundown is true!

Now that I have two kids of my own, I try to extend my passion for the outdoors to them. We go on long walks, we examine bugs, we try different parks, and we play in the backyard for hours.

How It Began

I have belonged to a playgroup for my son through the Castro Valley Mothers Club for 4 years. Each week a different member of the playgroup decides where to meet. My week I chose for us to meet at a park I knew about in the next town over, about 15 minutes away.

Everyone loved the park, most of all the kids! The mothers raved about how great this park was, but yet they hadn't known about it. How could they not know about this great park? Because there was no way to know. That was when this wonderful idea hit me.

Create some kind of catalogue where people can find out about parks. So I started writing articles about local parks for my mothers club's newsletter. I visited lots of local parks and took lots of pictures. My kids loved trying out new play structures!

Then my husband and I started fleshing out structure for a website. How could I take all the information that I had and make it coherant, worthwhile to other people, and make a little money to boot? That's how Great-Kids-Parks evolved.

Not Just a Good Website, But a Great Website

I wanted to make a great website, not just a list of links. Luckily I had two fabulous tools to help me. My husband and SBI. My husband works on two websites- one for his day job and one for his passion. His passion is photography. He loves it. A little back story is necessary here...

As many guys do, my husband loves shiny, expensive toys. In his case, the toys happen to be cameras. The question became how could he get to play with awesome new cameras and yet not have to buy them.

When our son was first born my husband kept him company during my son's many late nights by working on a website that would provide information about photography, and cameras in particular, in layman's terms. He chose to use SBI- Site Build It as his hosting company. SBI really helped him to create a fantastic website.

What was then his little hobby website has now grown to over 200 pages and brings in a substantial amount of supplemental income. See for yourself -

Not that I wanted to copy my husband, but I wanted to help out with our finances too. SBI could help me make a great website for the users, i.e. you, and make a little money for our family too. A perfect blend of altruism and capitalism.

If you are curious about what SBI could potentially do for you, please contact me. In this day and age websites are a dime a dozen, but with SBI your website would be worth more than its weight in gold for you and your family.

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