Find Great Kids Parks - They're Closer Than You Might Think!

Smiling faces. The sounds of laughter. A great play structure and plenty of shade. Your children sound asleep in the back seat.

great kids parks

A great kids park provides all of this and so much more.

Maybe you want a change of scenery from your neighborhood park, but just aren't sure what will capture your kids fancy.

Maybe you're out and about and are wondering, "Are there any parks near me?"

Maybe you're planning a trip and wondering which amusement park or water park will be a good fit for both your kids and your budget.

Then Great-Kids-Parks is for you!

This site is written by a parent with kids just like yours and features recommendations from other parents about the neighborhood, amusement and water parks they love to visit.

Neighborhood Parks

Your neighborhood park is your go-to park to let the kids burn off some energy - but what if there was another park nearby that would suit them better? How would you find out about it?

  • One way is to get recommendations from other parents.
  • Another way is to look up the name and then drive there sight-unseen to see what it's like.

This site makes finding great kids parks easy! We collect photos and descriptions of each neighborhood park - right down to the number of slides - to help you discover a new park right around the corner.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are great fun, but that fun typically comes at a price - in today's economy that price seems to be more and more expensive.

For my family, the best amusement parks so far have been MUCH, MUCH smaller and MUCH, MUCH less expensive than Disneyland!

Great-Kids-Parks will help you decide if that tiny amusement park near your in-laws is worth the price of admission.

Water and Skate Parks

Kids love water parks...what's not to love? Slides, splashing and abundant sunshine all make for a great family outing.

But what do you do when it's not a bright sunny day yet the kids still need to burn off some energy? Try out a skate park: with their countoured hills, platforms and bowls a great skate park can keep your kids busy for hours.

Great-Kids-Parks will tell you which ones are worth the trip with photos and details about each and every one.

State and National Parks

State and National Parks offer loads of opportunities for you and your family to enjoy nature. However, many are at least a day trip, if not a week-long road trip.

Wouldn't it be great to have recommendations from other parents about the park you are interested in visiting before listening to the endless hours of "Are we there yet?"

About This Site

I often take my kids to public parks where they are entertained for hours, but there's hardly anyone else there! It blows my mind!

One day I hosted playgroup at a public park that was 15 minutes from our town. Everyone raved about what a great kids park it was! I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that no one knew it was there.

Then it hit me - while the other moms clearly wanted to try something new, they just didn't know about this new park and they weren't 100% sure it would be right for their kids.

How It Began

I love the outdoors - always have. My mother constantly told me during the Summer that she didn't want me home one minute before sundown. I was lucky enough to grow up in a place where it was safe to ride my bike all over town!

I explored everywhere. That sense of exploration is still there in today's kids. We, as parents, just want information about the places we take our kids to make sure they are safe. Great-Kids-Parks can give you just that.

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